Liquid Range

Intra Mineral Se+Vita E

Readily available Vitamin E 20% +Se, contribute to more effective feed intake ,growth and resistance .

Intra Calferol

Intensive Calcium and Vitamin D3 Premix which improves the bone strength and high quality egg shells while maintaing better Ca and Mg level in blood.


Hydrophillic Organic Emulsifier, Supports weeker animals by enhanced the absorbtion of fat, positively affect on feed conversion.Able to complete the immatuarity of the young digestive system.


Enteric antimicrobial action and gut microbiota modulation , Improves the performance and reduce the mortality, increases digestibility.


Feed Supplement which contains MHA, Lysine, Choline Chloride Energy Source, and chelated Minerals to better FCR,and minimize the stress.


General Protective tonic ,helps to improve the liver function, regenerate damaged hepatocytes, Prevent Fatty livers, help to better digestion and ensures quick recovery during antibiotic therapy.

Multivit Active

Amino Acids and vitamins oral solution.

Intra Nutri-Mix

Liquid Premix for animal based on chelated minerals, amino acids and energizers ,which contribute to more effective feed intake, growth and resistance.