Miracle Agro Poultry Products range

Discover excellence in poultry care with Miracle Agro’s comprehensive range of poultry solutions. Designed to support every aspect of poultry farming, our products ensure optimal health, growth, and productivity for your flock


Destroy the structure of cell wall, Improve nutrients utilization in diet.


Natural Vitamin C with Chromium.


Prevention and treatment for coccidiosis -Salinomycin.


Bacterial Inhibitor and Acidifier which increase the digestibity of nutrients, prevent feed recontamination and reduce digestive upsets.




Protein & Energy Enhancer with Protease enzyme with & alpha-galactosidase which increase the protein digestibility & amino acids availability, reduce antinutritional effects and increase the metabolizable energy in poultry diet.

Poultry Premix

Poultry PerMix Vitamin & Mineral

Poultry Equipments

Revolutionize Your Poultry Farming with Miracle Agro’s Premium Poultry Equipment Range.


Feed Supplement which contains MHA, Lysine, Choline Chloride Energy Source, and chelated Minerals to better FCR,and minimize the stress.


Organic and Non-organic toxin binder with the Yeast cell wall, a broad spectrum of activity, and immunostimulant.

Multivit Active

Amino Acids and vitamins oral solution.


Vitamin K & Ascorbic Acid Supplement for Help to reduce the stress & control Blood loss, such as coccidiosis, Debeaking, IBD and necrotic enteritis.


Prevention and treatment for coccidiosis -Maduramycine.


Feed fat and oil emulsifier.


General Protective tonic ,helps to improve the liver function, regenerate damaged hepatocytes, Prevent Fatty livers, help to better digestion and ensures quick recovery during antibiotic therapy.

Iodine Solutions

Broad spectrum disinfection and sterilization effect on bacteria, fungi and respiratory and intestinal track virus with cleaning and deodorization function.


Hydrophillic Organic Emulsifier, Supports weeker animals by enhanced the absorbtion of fat, positively affect on feed conversion.Able to complete the immatuarity of the young digestive system.

Intra Nutri-Mix

Liquid Premix for animal based on chelated minerals, amino acids and energizers ,which contribute to more effective feed intake, growth and resistance.

Intra Mineral Se+Vita E

Readily available Vitamin E 20% +Se, contribute to more effective feed intake ,growth and resistance .

Intra Hydrocare Poultry Solution

Powerful and effective Drinking system cleaner that removes organic contamination and manganese deposits , removes biofilm and prevents animals becoming infected by drinking water.

Intra Calferol

Intensive Calcium and Vitamin D3 Premix which improves the bone strength and high quality egg shells while maintaing better Ca and Mg level in blood.


There is an unsteady balance of beneficial and non-beneficial bacteria in the gut of normal, healthy, non-stressed bird.


Natural Vitamin E Fortified with selenium important for the well being for poultry.


Seasonal changes, diseases, vaccination, imbalanced feeding, poor health, other management disturbances disrupt the egg production.


Enteric antimicrobial action and gut microbiota modulation , Improves the performance and reduce the mortality, increases digestibility.